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how to put thoughts into words

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positive thoughts  

taking thoughts to put into words

Today I have lots of thoughts roaming in my head.  Trying to make sense of things.  Putting those thoughts on paper.  At times I am bothered that I wish I could help out alot more.  Rather than just talking.  I want to start doing.  I'm really trying to make more money so I could be of more service to help members here on aidspage.  My heart goes out to each and everyone of you.  Sometimes I feel prayers are just not enough.  Its funny cause when I was younger I was afraid of people afaid of what they thought.  Now I sure have come along way for I love people.  Here in my town I smile at strangers and man the reaction I get back is just wonderful.  The other day someone asked me directions to get to community living place and I couldnt remember for the life of me what the street was called.  She asked someone else and I just had a feeling she couldnt find it so I went in same direction she did.  I found the communtity living place but I did not see her van.  She was carrying handicapp people in it.  I looked in my mirror and sure enough she did go in the wrong direction.  I spunn my vehicle around and caught up with her and showed her exactly where it was.  She was very grateful and the amazing feeling that I felt was just increditable.   So happy I listened to my inner voice.  Thankyou for allowing me to share.

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